FAQs for Churches Interested In His Grip

Q. How do we get started?

The first step is to Request an Information Kit. Once you have reviewed this information please contact us at 1-800-820-0051 for any further questions.

The next step is to attend a Leadership Training Workshop.

Q. What does my church need to conduct an In His Grip program?

A strong interest in using golf as a tool to connect men. We have found that if the church has 30 to 40 golfers (approximately 10% of the church body) this helps to fulfill the minimum requirements for most golf tournaments. Also having a men's ministry, sports & recreation ministry or outreach ministry that can take ownership of the program.

Q. Who should attend a training workshop?

1. Church interested in starting an In His Grip program. Bring at least four people that will be running your In His Grip program. The people attending will see the vision of In His Grip and help to share it with the church body. Our goal is to train and equip your leaders so they can immediately start implementing the program.

2. Current In His Grip church partners. If you are currently conducting an In His Grip program we encourage you to attend a training workshop to learn best practices, train new leadership and get your team refocused and recharged for the New Year.

Q. What are the costs associated with starting an In His Grip program?

The costs in starting an In His Grip Golf program are:

1. Attending and sending members of your church to an In His Grip Leadership Training Workshop. For more information on the Leadership Training Workshops click here.

2. In His Grip will show you how to make your program a self-supporting ministry. In His Grip charges a set fee for each player regardless of the number of players as well as an awards package fee for your tournament.

Q. What if I have questions or need help during the year?

In His Grip is committed to seeing your program succeed by providing trained staff members to answer any of your questions. In His Grip provides a toll free number 1-800- 820-0051 so that your team can get quick answers to your questions.

Q. What resources does In His Grip provide me?

We provide the administrative resources you need so that you can focus on the ministry. To view see program resources and participant items.

Q When should I be recruiting leaders for the ministry?
As soon as possible, let the leaders prayerfully consider the position and role in the ministry. They can also make plans to attend a In His Grip Leadership Training Workshop.
Q. Who should I bring to the In His Grip Leadership Training Workshop?

We strongly recommend that you attend along with three leaders from your church who will be implementing the program. You and your leadership team will be casting the vision to other staff members in the church and the church body. If your senior pastor can attend this helps to communicate the vision to the church body. At the very least please make sure the senior pastor understands and is aware of the vision and ministry you are about to begin.

Q. How do I register for an In His Grip Leadership Training Workshop?

To register, click here.

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