Starting an In His Grip Program

Starting an In His Grip Program at Your Church
Why Start an In His Grip Program?
Do you want to make a difference in your community? In His Grip brings men together with a passion for the game to hear and experience the gospel message, powerfully impacting future generations. Statistics show that...
If you reach the man, 93% of the time the family will follow.
The golf course provides a common ground for the church and community to build relationships and utilize a relevant cultural interest to share the love of Jesus Christ. Golf is the perfect game to build relationships spending quality time on the course. It is also a game of  integrity and character and many lessons can be learned on and off the course.
In His Grip Golf also creates opportunities to engage your church to serve the community.  From the leadership team to the volunteers, there are many ways to be involved. 
How To Get Started?
 FIRST STEP: Request More Information
This free information DVD will give you an overview of the In His Grip Program.
It will provide the vision, program details and church partner testimonies of why they believe In His Grip is an important part of their men's/sports ministry. 
 SECOND STEP: Contact Us
The next step is to contact us at 1-800-820-0051 to answer any of your questions.  An In His Grip representative can give you more detailed program information such as the cost of the program, what you will receive, and how to get started.
 THIRD STEP: Attend A Leadership Training Workshop
This leadership-training workshop is designed to equip your team to run a successful golf program. We will train your team on how to conduct a first-class, detailed golf event that will stand out in your community. We want to ensure that each church has the knowledge and training to run a program with quality and excellence. We encourage four leaders of the church to attend that will be involved in running the program.
For current In His Grip church partners. If you are currently conducting an In His Grip program we encourage you to attend a training workshop to learn best practices, train new leadership and get your team refocused and recharged for the New Year.
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