G.R.I.P. the Word of God

Join us in learning to G.R.I.P. God's word by joining the community in three ways:

1.) Attend one of our local life groups in the Nashville area 
2.) Download the App to join a Virtual Life Group and The 30/30 Challenge                                                                                                                           3.) Join monthly 30/30 Challenge by signing up for the Daily G.R.I.P. E-mail


The 30/30 Challenge is found on the In His Grip App and the virtual life group community.  Scott will share a daily 5 minute video message by using the acronym G.R.I.P.  The challenge is to do this for 30 days and read and journal for 30 minutes a day. To learn more take a few minutes to watch the video.


Here are some comments from men in these life groups.

"Having a brotherhood and community of men connected by the 30/30 In His Grip Challenge is such a welcomed and valuable support system. 
What In His Grip has created has giving me a vital and what was a missing part of my morning routine AND a safe place to be open and honest with my struggles, challenges and doubts. 
I have a place now to grow un- encumbered as my authentic self."  BRUCE


"I really appreciate your ministry.  It has had an impact on my life, especially the 30/30 Challenge.  I invited my friend to join in on the challenge with me.  Now, on Friday nights when we talk on the phone, we go thru our Scripture verses from the week and what God has taught each of us.  It's given us the opportunity to learn from each other and help us both grow spiritually." CHRIS


"One word, for me, that sums up what the 30/30 challenge has meant to me is revitalization. The verse that stood out in Proverbs 28 is verse 26: The one who trusts in himself is a fool, but the one who walks in wisdom will be safe. There is a humility that comes with acknowledging God, seeking His wisdom in all things. When we feel that we've accumulated some personal/professional experience in life, some degree of success and/or some material possessions, be aware of the trap of complacency. Be mindful of not thinking that one has gained a full understanding but rather look to Him for guidance, direction and knowledge...and trust Him to provide wisdom to lead one in a direction He feels most appropriate. "  STEVE